Nick Post
Nick Post
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Side Projects

Mingo Comic

My Niece's second birthday inspired me to create a short illustration.


Arc/Hidysmith Model—Blog post

I am fascinated by human behaviour and the future of civilisation. In my reading and exploration I came across Jordan Hall on Medium and Youtube. I got in touch and we started collaborating on a series of articles. I took on the role of translating his intellectual content into something more consumable for the mainstream. It was fun!

Read the first post here.

Hyper Island—Sketch Notes

I am a big fan of Hyper Island. During their Leading Teams in the Digital Age 6 week online course, I created sketch notes to summarise and structure each weeks’ content and learnings. I often refer back to them.


Opposable Mind—Book Summary

I am an avid reader. I often find myself picking out useful frameworks and mental models from books for later use. Although I don't usually delve into management books, Roger Martin's The Opposable Mind is a fantastic exploration of creative problem-solving in the context of business.